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  • Teacher Of The Month

    Congratulations to our Teacher of the Month, as chosen by our students:


    James Garrett!  Mr. Garrett is new to Miller this year and was tasked with rebuilding our Instrumental Music program from scratch, a task he has taken to with gusto.  Anyone who saw our winter concert has seen his fine work on display.  Congrats Mr. Garrett!

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  • Miller is proud to announce the Students Of The Month for October, as chosen by the staff:
    Miesha Mitchell, Freshman
    Rachel Rogers, Sophomore
    Diontay Aldridge, Junior
    Alexis Evans, Senior
    Congrats to these and all of our outstanding students! 
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  • New Vaccination Required!


    Before our 7th grade and 11th grade students start 8th and 12th grade (respectively) in 2016-17, they must receive a vaccine against meningitis, an infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord. 


    Students entering 8th grade must also receive the Tdap vaccine, so parents can get them done during the same visit to the doctor. If your student going into the 12th grade received the first meningitis immunization at age 16 or later, a second one will not be needed. Otherwise, two are required for 12th grade students. Please have this immunization done as soon as possible, and make sure your School Nurse receives a copy. Please contact your School Nurse or the Nurse Coordinator at 314-345-4401 for questions.

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  • Vaccination Resources


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  • 2015-16 Student Handbook

    Our book of student rules and school policies can be found here.
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Clyde C Miller


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Miller at night

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Principal: Michael Brown


  • Army Corps of Engineers Commits to CA

    Colonel Anthony Mitchell honored us with a visit to Miller, and with a commitment to five more years of working with our fine students, such as his current intern, Alexander Harper.

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  • Accredited With Distinction!

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    This is how you can listen to the song. Listen to the school song... Above the changing pictures is a row of buttons, Click "News" Then Click "School Highlights" Then Click the Link "CCMCA School Song" ALSO... To the right of the main picture that changes, there is a heading called, "Shortcuts" Under that heading, "Shortcuts," you will see a link that says "CCMCA School Song" Click that link and Enjoy!!

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