Saint Louis Public Schools

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Central Office Phone Numbers

Special Administrative Board (314) 345-2304 
Magnet School Office (314) 633-5200 
Superintendent's Office (314) 345-2500
Dr. Kelvin Adams, Superintendent
Audit and Compliance (314) 345-2247
Ernest Clark, Director
Academic Office (314) 345-2549
David Hardy, Deputy Superintendent of Academics  
Karen Jones, Network Superintendent
Isaac Pollack, Network Superintendent
Ian Roberts, Network Superintendent
Dr. Jeanine Zitta, Network Superintendent 
Debra Reimonenq, Network Superintendent     
Dr. Elizabeth Bender, Associate Superintendent/College and Career Readiness
Operations Office (314) 345-4669
Roger CayCe, Deputy Superintendent of Operations/Building Commissioner
Office of Institutional Advancement  (314) 345-2353
Rachel Seward, Deputy Superintendent
Office of Student Support Services (314) 345-2352
Stacy Clay, Deputy Superintendent
Office of Talent Strategy and Management (314) 345-4464
Haliday Douglas, Director
Communications Office (314) 345-2227
Patrick Wallace, Executive Director of Communications
ESOL Program Office (314) 664-1066
Dr. Alla Gonzalez Del Castillo, Director
Finance Division (314) 345-2271
Angie Banks, Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources Office (314) 345-2295
Information Technology Office (314) 345-2421
Cheryl VanNoy, Chief Information Officer 
Safety & Security Office (314) 865-2020
Colonel Lisa Taylor,
Special Education Office (314) 633-5344
Candice Boyd, Interim Director 
Accountability Office (314) 345-2421
Cheryl VanNoy, Interim Deputy Superintendent of Accountability  
Assessment Office (314) 345-2360
Dr. Bertha Doar, Director of Assessment  
Research and Evaluation (314) 345-2428
Dr. Charles Shannon, Director of Research and Evaluation