• Hello, my name is Amanda Haney and I am the Family and Community Specialist at Woerner Elementary School. I am very excited and passionate about this opportunity given to me by St. Louis Public Schools. My son attended St. Louis Public Schools as part of their inclusion special education program. After experiencing firsthand the passion- driven service that my son received from his teachers, therapist, and support staff, I knew I wanted to be part of the SLPS team. As your  Family and Community Specialist, my main goal this year includes, but is not limited to, building a strong parent- involved community here at Woerner.

    Research has shown that parental involvement in schools benefits all children in a variety of ways and can increase the development of students both socially and academically. Part of being involved in the school includes volunteering and attending the family events coordinated by the school. I am here to assist you in accomplishing that, by making you aware of the events and volunteer opportunities through fliers, the school website/ social media, and e-mails. I encourage you to keep an eye/ ear out for these opportunities.

    Our mission here at Woerner is that we are committed to providing our students with an exemplary education by building strong character values and a passion for life-long learning. Our vision here at Woerner Elementary is that we are a diverse school community that is making an impact locally and globally through leadership in academic excellence, character education, and strong community collaboration. With dedication, effort and commitment, I know we will continue accomplishing that vision.

    With all of that being said, I am excited to be here at Woerner. I am eager to partner with you to make this school year one that is successful, collaborative and rewarding. Feel free to call me at (314)481-8585 or e-mail me Amanda.Haney @slps.org. I look forward to meeting everyone here at Woerner.

    Thank You,


    Amanda Haney- FCS @ Woerner Elementary