• T. Jennings Art Teacher

    BFA Sculpture, K-12 Art Certification

    Room C244

    Virtual hours - 8-3 Mon.- Friday

    email: timothy.jennings@slps.org

    Building Phone: 314-533-9487

    Hello everyone this is Mr. Jennings & I've been with SLPS since 2007 and I previously worked in Las Vegas, Nevada and Oakland, California. 

    Yeeessss                                         Feel Good

     The summer vacation is over and it's time to get back to work. I'm going to use the same energy as my people dancing above.  I hope all of you come with the same groove/vibe.


    Happy to see you back to school and ready to work.



    Welcome to Mr. Jennings' Continuous Learning Class. 


    We will utilize distance learning via Microsoft Teams.

    Arts & Crafts Period 1


    Arts & Crafts Period 2


    Intro to Art Period 4



    Intro to Art Period 5



    Arts & Crafts Period 6


    Arts & Crafts Period 7