Ms. Icenhower                Julie Icenhower, P.E. Teacher
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    Welcome to the web page for Buder Physical Education.  I have been the P.E. teacher at Buder Elementary since 2004. I have a B.S. Degree in Physical Education, K-12 and a M.A. Degree in Educational Leadership, K-12.

    For the 6th consecutive year, our 5th grade students will be given the opportunity to learn Ballroom Dancing.  All of the students at Buder will have the opportunity to participate in Field Day events in May.  Some of the events will include:  Jump roping, tennis dribbling, running events (long and short distance), basketball dribbling, the cross country, and more......

     5th Grade students doing Ballroom DancingMr. Pierre introducing Ballroom Dancing to 5th grade students

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