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    Name: Mrs. Joan Frischman
    Room Number(s): 302
    Subject(s): Mathematics
    Building Phone:  314-652-9282
    Welcome all,
    I still hope all is well and you have enjoyed some of your time during this challenging time in our lives.  Now is the time for us to get going again.  I know this is a different time in our lives but if we look for the positive and set small goals each day it will go by quicker than you think.
    I am anticipating your smiles, your stories, and the energy that you will bring to the classroom.  Before you know it we will be together and learning face-to-face !!
    Something that I am missing and longing for.

    I know we all will get better at learning this way.  I know that the mind shift of owning and pursing your individual learning is a new way to do school but we will be and feel successful at our growing and learning !!

    I would like to share with you my expectations of our virtual learning experience and journey.
    1. Attend and particiapte in online classes - Everday 8:00 am to 3:15 pm
    2. If class is missed then listen to the recorded lesson and watch the powerpoint
    3. Complete the playlist
    4. Practice math fact fluency
    5. ASK for help or any questions 
    6. For additional practice in free time
        play games on Legends of Learning
        play games on Prodigy
        participate/accomplish math related activities in real life
    Most of all I want everyone to be safe. 
    Wash your hands!! Be smart!! 
    Talk to you during class or anytime on my email and chat.
    Mrs. Frischman