• 2017-2018

    Compton-Drew ILC

    Blue Dolphin Cycling Club

    The Bicycle Club was organized in 2001 under the leadership of Andrea Walker, Mimi Deem and Joe Torrisi.  Currently the bike club is under the leadership of Joseph Lindell 

     The purpose of the bike club is to get middle school students active in a regular fitness activity to combat childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes.   Students must register for bike club, submit a registration fee of $10.00, attend 2 hours of bicycle education courses(including a pre-test, post-test and bike skills test), attend school regularly, demonstrate progress towards academic excellence, maintain good behavior, attend bike rides twice a week and have the ability to work with others under a team concept. We will try to bike the 6 mile loop around the park, but will cycle other paths throughout the park too.  Some of our fun rides will include visits to the Art Museum, History Museum, Visitors Center and other points of interest.