• Mrs. H. Miller




    Welcome Video

    Hello! Welcome to room 204!  This year has truly been a blur, but it is full of new things every step of the way!

    Please visit my webpage daily, for videos and ideas to help connect with the class more.  There will be new information forthcoming, please be patient as we are all in this together!


    Please visit Troeger Sensei's page, to assist your child in our Japanese learning, which is to be until the end of this quarter.  https://www.slps.org/Domain/8864


    Explore Coach Hurley's page:  💪🏽https://www.slps.org/Domain/12376  to learn about how to stay active and healthy and how to boost your immune system during the epidemic!


    Try out Ms. Simmon's page:  🖌 https://www.slps.,org/Domain/486, to gather and get inspired ideas on how to express yourself creatively during this time at home.


    Make sure to travel over to Ms. Donahue's page: 🎷 https://www.slps.org/Domain/12377, for musically inclined thinking to listen and respond to.


    My Microsoft Teams page can be found here: 

     ❤Mrs. Miller's Teams Page 2020-2021

    in it, you can acess the assigments and some resources further.  There is also a chat with the teacher (and other Dewey staff members) opportunity. 

    Please look over the resources and assignments tabs to the left, to see websites, ideas or apps to reference, or what our weekly or daily assignments will be from here on out.  I will include reading, writing, math, science and social studies to keep your child working during the epidemic.  Don't hesitate to call or text me if you have questions; this is new for everyone and we are all in this together!

    Mrs. Miller