• Compton-Drew ILC Middle School


    supply bus


    Based on our limited budget, we are asking parents to assist with student school supplies.  Students will have four (4) core classes (Math, Science, English Language Arts, & Social Studies) and two (2) Related Arts Classes (PE, Music, Art, Computer Science & Foreign Language) each quarter. Please find below the anticipated list of supplies that will be needed for the 2018-2019 academic year.


    3-Ring Binder (3'Inches)

    Colored pencils

    Composition notebooks

    Copy paper (1 ream-for school use)

    Folders (1 for each class)

    Hand sanitizer (1 bottle-for class use)

    Loose-leaf paper (lined writing paper)

    Pencils (#2)

    Pens (Blue or Black)


    Tissue (Kleenex-for class use)

    5-Tab Notebook Dividers


    Items indicated for class/school use will be maintained in the class by use for all students.