St. Louis Public Schools Get

    High Marks For School




    ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -There’s more good news for the St. Louis Public School system: its school lunch program has earned high marks in a new national study.

    Registered dietician Susan Levin with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says the St. Louis Public Schools finished near the top of their list for healthiest school lunches.

    “St. Louis hasn’t been in our school lunch report card since 2007 when they came in with a pretty low grade, an ‘F’ in fact, and now, only five years later, they’re coming in with a solid ‘A’ at 95.”

    Levin says St. Louis Public Schools is doing a great job at making sure kids have healthy creative choices, like black bean tacos and hummus in a veggie pita, in addition to getting fresh produce from 22 school gardens.