• Provisional Accreditation For St. Louis Public Schools

    October 24, 2012

    The Missouri State Board of Education (SBOE) unanimously voted to give provisional accreditation to the St. Louis Public School District on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

    Missouri Commissioner of Education Chris Nicastro made the recommendation to the SBOE after a thorough analysis of multiple years of data and indications of district-wide improvements over the past five years.

    "Today, we recommend that the state board re-classify St. Louis Public Schools as Provisionally Accredited effective immediately," said Nicastro in an Oct. 16 statement. "We further recommend that the state board review their progress under the standards of MSIP 5 in September of 2013, and each year thereafter until the district achieves full accreditation."

    The district lost accreditation in 2007 due to steady declines in the district's academic performance, concerns about the district's long-term financial stability, and turmoil in the district's leadership. A Special Administrative Board (SAB) was appointed at that time and charged with restoring the district to accreditation status.

    "The granting of accreditation is an affirmation of the improvement made by the students and teachers of St. Louis Public Schools under the leadership of Dr. Kelvin Adams and his administrators," said Rick Sullivan, president and CEO of the SAB.

    "However, this is just a mile marker on the road to success," he added. "We will not be satisfied until St. Louis Public Schools earns full accreditation and is once again the school district of choice for families in St. Louis City."