• Religious Group Pushes for SLPS Accreditation

    KWMU Radio


    On Tuesday the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will consider granting provisional accreditation to St. Louis Public Schools, and the religious group Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) plans to push state officials to move forward with re-instating local control over the district.

    Sunday, the religious group held its annual public meeting and Barbara Paulus, who leads the Economic Task Force for MCU, said earning back accreditation is a key part of ensuring kids get the education they’re entitled to.

    “Having more parental involvement, having more community involvement and ownership of the schools is what we’re looking for,” Paulus said.

    Paulus added that MCU is planning to send a contingent to Jefferson City this week to push state officials to start the process for re-instating accreditation for St. Louis Public Schools.   

    Also on the group’s agenda was a failed attempt to get an initiative on the November ballot that would have asked voters to cap the interest rate on payday loans and raise the minimum wage.

    Paulus said despite the setback, the group is going to push forward with both issues in the future.

    “We’re going to be talking further with our partners, we’re going to be asking our state legislature representatives to commit to doing what they can in the power of their office to work for economic dignity for Missourians,” Paulus said. “Because that’s what we consider this to be, an issue of economic dignity.”