• Central Visual and Performing Arts High School Gets $8 Million Renovation

    Posted on: 6:14 pm, August 14, 2012, by

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The FOX hit television show Glee is giving students at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis something to believe in.

    “When I come into the school I feel inspired everyday by the energy around me and students wanting to be here and wanting to succeed,” said Sophomore Jacob Anderson-Little.

    Central isn’t as beautiful as the school portrayed in Glee, but it’s getting there with nearly $8 million worth of renovations underway.

    The cafeteria has been remodeled with new tables and chairs, and there’s even a food court much to the surprise of Senior Courtlyn Heard, who couldn’t help but be excited when she saw it. “It was like yes! You know it just make you feel better and enjoy the food better knowing you have a better and cleaner environment.”

    There are also two new science labs with all of the equipment students need to conduct experiments. It’s all thanks to a bond referendum voters passed in 2010 giving the district $155 million.

    “Under Prop S our job is to provide an atmosphere that’s conducive to learning. Where our teachers can teach and our students can learn,” said Roger Cayce, executive director of operations.

    Because Central is a magnate school for performing arts, a new auditorium is also being built so students can display their talents.

    “We’re fortunate enough to have some of the most talented students in St. Louis, but we weren’t able to showcase their talents last year or the year before,” said Principal Amy Phillips.

    Students say the new environment makes them try harder to achieve academic success, which is the goal.

    All 72 schools in the district are getting improvements – everything from new playgrounds to new restrooms, and from new ventilation systems to new floors.

    So far, the St. Louis public school district has spent $80 million making repairs.