• St. Louis schools chief wins Wall Street Journal notice

    St. Louis Business Journal

    Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 1:35pm CST

    St. Louis Business Journal
    by Greg Edwards, Reporter

    St. Louis schools chief Kelvin Adams received a hearty pat on the back in The Wall Street Journal today for lifting the high school graduation rate 18 percent and eliminating $25 million in debt for his district.

    “Five years ago, students in the public-school system here were almost as likely to drop out as earn a diploma,” the paper reported. “Then, the state of Missouri stepped in, stripped the district’s accreditation and installed a new board to run the schools. That board hired Kelvin Adams, an unpretentious leader who had spent the previous 18 months as the chief of staff of the New Orleans Recovery School District, which had been created by the state to transform the hurricane-ravaged schools.”

    It goes on: “In his first two years in St. Louis, Mr. Adams closed 14 schools, dismissed about 10 percent of principals and has since replaced about 60 percent of the system’s 77 leaders. He has transformed 11 schools by firing half the teaching staff and installing new principals.”