• SLPS Officials Aren’t Sweating Changes to State’s Accreditation Formula

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Missouri school districts got a first look at how they’ll rank under changes to the state’s accreditation formula Monday.

    Under the estimate, the St. Louis Public Schools would fall back into unaccredited status, though district spokesman Patrick Wallace emphasizes that it’s just an estimate and that the new system isn’t finalized yet.

    “Its for planning purposes and comparison purposes only,” Wallace says. “This gives us a draft of what they’re looking at, so we can make any changes in our plans to make sure our students are succeeding academically as judged by the state”

    The state is moving from a 14-point scale system to a 150-point scale system. Also graduation rates are now weighted three-times higher.

    Wallace says the state will give districts three years to adjust to the new formula.