• Alumni Fighting To Keep South City School Open

    Posted on: 6:14 pm, February 27, 2013, by  (FOX 2)

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The St. Louis Public School District board will meet Wednesday night with the fate of the Cleveland NJROTC Academy’s future on the agenda. District Superintendant Kelvin Adams is expected to propose a vote to close the doors to the school after this school year. When members of the Cleveland NJROTC Academy Alumni Association heard this news, they sprang into action, including one alumnus, who flew as far as from Hawaii to make sure she was here tonight to see that those doors remain open.

    “I would not be here, and I would not have travelled so far if I did not think that it was important,” said Jayda Griffin, Class of ’89, “and that my presence being here would not make a difference. It absolutely will.  I could not believe that the pride of the district is now being, for the second time, considered for closure. This is unbelieveable to me.”

    Griffin is one of many Cleveland Academy alumni that hope to speak at the shool board meeting and convince the board to keep the Cleveland NJROTC Academy open.

    “From my understanding we have the second highest test scores in the district,” Griffin added. “We teach leadership. We teach pride. We teach cohesiveness, love of country. These are things that need to be taught because gives them a purpose.”

    “I don’t understand how you want to close down a shining star in the district when you need your accreditation,” said Carlynn Bropwn Hudspeth, Class of ’85, “and if I’m not wrong accreditation is 75-percent, you have to have. Their scores are 88-percent or higher. We are hoping to show them that with the support that we have, they will reconsider. They will see that this school is not one to throw away. There are too many people that care about it.”

    Cleveland NJROTC currently shares a facility with the Central Visual & Performing Arts Academy.

    FOX 2′s Rebecca Roberts will attend the board meeting and bring us a live report tonight at 9.