• Some Saint Louis Public School students attending reading, math classes over spring break

    6:12 PM, Mar 19, 2013   

    ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - This is spring break week for many schools, but there's no time off for some St. Louis students.

    Around 500 city students are attending the Spring Break Reading and Math Academy.

    This is the first year for the academy, and the goal is to help students who are falling behind in reading and math.

    The academy is located at Gateway Middle School on Jefferson Avenue and focuses on students in third through eighth grades.

    The students come from the 26 lowest performing schools in the district and attend classes for six hours each day. They'll have to take a final exam on Friday.

    District officials say they have high hopes for the new program.

    "We are minimally looking at a 10-point gain in the performance of these students in reading and mathematics," said Nicole Williams, Saint Louis Public School Chief Academic Officer.

    And just for good measure, teachers sent all of the St. Louis students home for spring break with study packets to help keep them busy.