Second Grade Reading  

    Reading in Second Grade

    All children learn to read at their own pace. 

    Students will:

    ·         decode words using short vowel sounds  

    ·          read text by decoding word parts

    ·         blend sounds of words to read text

    ·         separate two part words orally and in text

    ·         identify root words and their inflectional forms in text  

    ·         interpret vocabulary when reading independently

    ·         read high-frequency words in text

    •   comprehend text by applying reading strategies 
    •   utilize comprehension strategies 
    •   read fluently to comprehend text 
    •   identify major literary elements in text 
    •   identify similarities and differences in text written by the same author
    •  identify the differences between genres including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry 



    Guided Reading

       Guided reading is when a in small flexible homogenous grouping to work on a reading passage or skills.  Students meet in small groups (if possible, 6 or less) and tackle common text or skill. We will do guided reading daily in first grade to build on each child's reading needs.

Last Modified on March 23, 2020