• Behavior Management 

    You can expect that your children will be in a safe environment where they are cared for and held to high expectations by nurturing adults. I believe in positive reinforcement of good behavior. I also spend a lot of time teaching routines and procedures at the beginning of the school year, and I consistently model expectations. When students are taught routines and procedures, our classroom is able to run smoothly with more time on task.

     Our School Expectations:

     1. Be safe.

     2. Be respectful.

     3. Be responsible.

     4. Be a buddy.

    Individual Behavior Management: We are excited to be using a school-wide system called Class Dojo. Students will earn points for arriving at school on time, following our school-wide expectations, and going above and beyond to show good character. Children will receive negative points for negative behaviors. They'll have the opportunity to spend their points on fun prizes.

     Small Group Behavior Management: Each table earns table points in our classroom. They can earn table points by working quietly, cleaning up quickly, treating tablemates kindly, and many other things. The table with the most points at the end of the month will earn a yummy breakfast in class!

    Whole Class Behavior Management: As children are recognized for doing wonderful things as a whole class, they will earn "brownie points" to put on our brownie pan. When the pan is full, children will enjoy brownies as a special snack.