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    AFJROTC AS-I Leadership Studies AY2020/2021 

    TEXTBOOK:  Leadership Education 1


    INSTRUCTOR: MSgt Belinda S. Paine, USAF (Ret) belinda.paine@slps.org


       ** This syllabus includes grading and expectations for uniform wear.  1st Year Cadets will receive their uniforms upon return to in-school learning.  Virtual learning grading will consist of on-line academics and physical training only.  Academics will be split 40%/40% and physical training will be 20%

       **TEACHER’S WEB LINK HAS CALENDAR, UNIFORM WEAR, RULES, ETC.  Go to SLPS.ORG then select Schools, select Gateway HS, then select Teachers; look for my last name.


    The curriculum includes Aerospace Science (AS) and Leadership Education (LE), and Wellness components. All students are granted academic credit applicable toward graduation requirements for the successful completion of AFJROTC courses provided by the Air Force equivalent to credit given for other academic courses per the Air Force School Agreement. Each academic course must consist of Aerospace Science (AS), Leadership Education (LE) and Wellness components.  The wellness portion is accredited as an approved PE credit towards graduation.  Students may apply for college credit after one full year of completion and an overall B average.  College information can be obtained from the website or from www.leadershipcredit.info.


    The leadership curriculum is the basis for progression through the rest of the AFJROTC program while instilling elements of good citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and discipline.  First Semester curriculum contains sections on understanding finances, financial resources and preparing for a career beginning with college or technical education.  Second Semester curriculum contains sections on exploring future options by determining what best suits each individual, how to select a career and a college or technical trade school, and how to set a career path.

    Students will be able to:

    Understand guidance and procedures for the organization and operation of the cadet corps Learn to communicate and work together as a team Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their community

    Recognize civic responsibilities

    Learn, understand, and put into practice course subject material

    Establish and find a course of action for real-time and future goals 


    First Semester:

    Unit 1:  Introduction to JROTC Programs

    Lesson 1: Organization of the JROTC

    Lesson 2: Military Uniform and Appearance Standards

    Lesson 3: Customs and Courtesies

    Unit 2: Personal Behavior

    Lesson 4: Attitude, Discipline, and Respect

    Lesson 5:  Ethics & Morals 


    Second Semester

    Units 2 & 3: Managing Stress & Be Health Smart

    Lesson 6: Managing Stess & Making Positive Decisions

    Lessonn 7:  Avoiding & Preventing Violence

    Lesson 8: The Benefits of Physical Activity

    Lesson 9: First Aid

    Unit 4:  Making Safe, Drug-Free Decisions

    Lesson 10: Medicine and Drugs

    Lesson 11: Tobacco and Alcohol

    Unit 5:  The Foundations of US Citizenship

    Lesson 12: The American Flag and Other Symbols

    Lesson 13: The Constitution

    Lesson 14: Interpreting the Bill of Rights and Other Amendments                                  


    REQUIRED MATERIALS (In Classroom):

    *Books will remain in the classroom but can be checked out.

    *Binders and workbooks will remain in the classroom (unless making up work).

    *Cadets MUST bring paper and pen or pencil to class daily except on PT days.

    *Cadets MUST wear uniform once a week & PT uniform on Mondays in accordance with uniform policies.


    *Objectives and Do Now will be posted on the board every day; make sure you read them!

    *It’s the Cadet’s responsibility to ensure missed assignments and tests/quizzes must be made up.  You must make up assignments w/in the quarter.

    *Information on uniform wear/requirements, PT uniform requirements and grading are in the Cadet Handbook, in the contract you and your parent or guardian signed, and on the web under JROTC and on MSgt Paine’s Teacher’s Page:  http://www.slps.org//Domain/2338.

    *Non-compliance and constant behavioral or uniform infractions may result in an F and/or removal from the JROTC program.


    * Leadership – 40% of overall AFJROTC grade

    ** Each week you will receive at least 1 grade from me; Leadership.  All cadets will have a uniform grade each week along with the PT grade at a minimum.  Each grade is worth 100% possible points.  Projects, tests, and drill evaluations will be worth 100%.  Do Now is worth 10 points.  Quizzes will be worth 25 points.

     * Missed Uniform wear due to absence must be made up; three (3) misses in a quarter result in an F. Only students who were absent may make up a missed uniform.  Every day after the first available make-up date is a deduction of 10 points.

    *Cadets who are in school and do not wear the uniform on the required day, WILL NOT be allowed to make it up.  A cadet who has an “extenuating circumstance” that requires them to be in school but not in the JROTC uniform, will be required to wear the uniform PRIOR to their uniform day. 

    Note:  An “Extenuating Circumstance” is something like you have a presentation in your major and you are required to wear your major uniform on our uniform day.  It is not, because of work, a job interview after school, etc.

     If you have a job interview, or something immediately after school, that will require you to change, you must notify me and I will ask your last period teacher to let you change the last 30 minutes before the final bell.  If you change anytime prior to that you will receive a 50% for half a day, and a 0% for anything less than a half a day.  Regardless, you will receive an F.  If it’s your Birthday, you can “Turn it Up” after school!

    PT– 20% of overall AFJROTC grade.  Dressing without participating will result in a 0.  Dress is worth 50 total points.  PT will always be on Monday unless otherwise specified.

    Grade                                                                                     Grading Scale

    A                                                                                             100-90

    B                                                                                             89-80

    C                                                                                             79-70

    D                                                                                             69-60

    F                                                                                              59 and below


    Plagiarism, cheating, or a lapse in academic integrity is defined as:  Failing to properly cite other people's contributions to your knowledge, even if you have summarized or paraphrased their ideas. Copying, or allowing anyone else to coy part or all of a homework assignment, paper, or test, to include sharing information about quizzes or tests with current, future, or previous students.  Using materials other than those explicitly allowed by the teacher during an assessment. Parents may have internet access to their student’s grades and assignments, upon Administrative approval at https://sis.slps.org/SLPS/Default.aspx.

    See attached Course Contract; all cadets and a parent or guardian must sign this contract stating they understand uniform and curriculum requirements and agree to these requirements.  Failure to comply with the contract, or to sign the contract is grounds for removal from the program.


    NOTE:  This syllabus is subject to change based on schedule conflicts, events and/or special guests.