• SLPS teachers Juliana and Terri Zimmerman help with Moore tornado relief

    7:53 PM, Sep 6, 2013

    ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Two local teachers are on a mission to help schools in Moore, Okla. recover from this spring's deadly tornado.

    St. Louis Public Schools teachers Juliana Zimmerman and her mother, Terri Zimmerman, packed up a truckload of items at Buder Elementary and drove to Moore. They'll deliver the items to the teachers at two schools that were hit by the tornado.

    This isn't their first trip to Moore. Days after the tornado struck, helped with relief efforts,

    "It was heartbreaking to see the teachers crying, holding onto their babies and knowing that that was the important thing," Terri Zimmerman said. "It wasn't all that stuff, it was their children that they protected and got out of the building as many as they could, and they weren't concerned about anything else.

    "They took care of that. Let us help you out by taking care of the things you lost."

    The donations include everything from bulletin boards to calculators to jump ropes.


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