• Letters to the Editor: New teachers are supported and welcomed at Ashland Elementary

    September 18, 2013 12:00 am

    As new teachers at Ashland Elementary School in the St. Louis Public School District, we take exception to the article “City schools struggle to keep teachers” (Sept. 11). We believe the article paints an untrue and unfair picture of Ashland Elementary School and the district in general.

    Teaching is not easy. It is a common passion we all share. We take pride in our students, our school and our profession. The article in the Post-Dispatch inaccurately portrays Ashland as a school where new teachers aren’t supported and welcomed. That is simply not true.

    We want Post-Dispatch readers to know that had we been asked for our input on the story, we would have said we feel supported and welcomed by our fellow teachers, our principal and our district. We have mentors who help us daily address any issues we have. We have an induction coordinator who helps us with questions we have about being a first-year teacher. And, we have a caring and supportive principal who goes to extreme lengths to help us be the best teachers we can be.

    Ashland Elementary School is a great place to be a teacher. We have a great team atmosphere, where serving the students in our community is priority number one.

    Kristina Passenheim, Cassandra Davis, Dakota Poddig, Whitney Walden, Mary Wren    St. Louis