• President Rick Sullivan of the St. Louis School Board hints at big changes

    7:26 PM, Sep 26, 2013

    By Leisa Zigman I-Team Reporter

    ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Rick Sullivan, president of the Special Administrative Board for St. Louis Schools pushed back against criticism and public perception regarding test scores and student achievement.

    This summer, abysmal test results showed the district had the second lowest scores in the state. Sullivan talked about 18 failing schools and its 6,000 students that can't read at grade level.

    But he also wants the region to know about the 40 schools that under the new testing system, would be accredited.

    Here is a list of the failing schools and the others doing well in the district.

    Superintendent Zone Schools (Dr. Adams personally oversees these schools beginning this year)
    Ashland Elementary
    Columbia Elementary
    Dunbar Elementary
    Laclede Elementary
    Langston Middle
    Hamilton Elementary
    Jefferson Elementary
    Meramec Elementary
    Nance Elementary
    Oak Hill Elementary
    Sigel Elementary
    Mann Elementary
    Fanning Middle
    Walbridge Elementary
    Yeatman Middle
    Roosevelt High
    Sumner High
    Vashon High

    Accredited with Distinction Schools:
    Bryan Hill Elementary School
    Buder Elementary School
    Kennard Classical Junior Academy
    Mallinckrodt Academy of Gifted Instruction
    Metro High School
    McKinley High School
    Wilkinson Early Childhood Center

    Fully Accredited Schools:
    Busch Middle School of Character
    Carnahan High School of the Future
    Cleveland NJROTC High School
    Clyde C. Miller High School
    Cote Brilliante Elementary School
    Gateway Michael Elementary School
    Gateway Math & Science Elementary School
    Gateway STEM High School
    Lexington Elementary School
    Madison College Prep High School
    Mason School of Academic & Cultural Literacy Elementary School
    Shenandoah Elementary School
    Stix Early Childhood Center

    Provisionally Accredited Schools:
    Central VPA High School
    Nottingham CAJT High School
    Compton Drew Middle School
    Dewey International Studies Elementary School
    Dunbar Elementary School
    Farragut Elementary School
    Ford Elementary School
    Froebel Elementary School
    Gateway Middle School
    Hickey Elementary School
    Mann Elementary School
    Meramec Elementary School
    Nance Elementary School
    Shaw VPA Elementary School
    Sigel Elementary School
    Soldan International Studies High School
    Woerner Elementary School
    Woodward Elementary School

    There are 27,000 students in the district and Sullivan admits, too many of them are being promoted to the next grade level even though they can't read.

    He said Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams will announce a new targeted program that will help those 6,000 failing students in new ways. He says the announcement about those plans are still a few weeks away but, "I think there will be some pretty significant changes in the way we educate young people. It's too early to talk about."

    Sullivan added, "It needs the support of many folks, certainly the teachers, the principals, but I think he (Superintendent Adams) has terrific ideas that will allow us to really impact those 6000 students that are so woefully behind."

    While the new plan isn't a silver bullet, Sullivan says he expects results.

    During our interview we also asked the board president about dozens of teachers resigning on the first day of school and why he thinks full accreditation for the district may be years away.

    The news report and the complete raw interview can be accessed here.