• St. Louis Public Schools announces some make-up days for snow

    Posted on: 4:45 pm, January 28, 2014, by Chris Smithupdated on: 03:17pm, January 28, 2014


    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – The St. Louis public school district announced Tuesday their snow days make-up schedule for at least two days.


    The original last day was May 23rd. Now the district is adding additional days to make up the difference, but a final decision on the remaining four days has not been determined. 


    Students will be in class on February 14 and March 14.  Teachers had been scheduled for an in-service day in February and March 14 was set aside for parent-teacher conferences.


    Many schools have already exhausted all of the built-in snow days for this school year because of hazardous road conditions and dangerously low temperatures.


    The Missouri Department of Secondary and Elementary Education says students grades 1 through 12  are required to attend 174 days and 1,044 hours for a legal school term.  School districts are required to make up six scheduled make up days, plus half of the additional days lost to a total of ten.  The remainder of the days and hours lost may be forgiven.


    So what happens if a district that fails to provide the minimum school term?   It would qualify for state aid and must forfeit all such aid due it.  Since that penalty is so severe, the department requires school districts to make up shortages in days and hours in the following school year.


    St. Louis Public Schools Snow Day Calendar Adjustments

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