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    Name: Mr.Beermann
    Email:steve.beermann @slps.org
    Room Number(s):122
    Subject(s):World History, Psychology/Sociology and Personal Finance.
    Other Duties:  Technology Liaision and State Testing Coordinator
    Building Phone:(314) 457-0582
    Teacher Message:  Thank you for visiting my teacher website. My name is Mr.Beermann and I am staring my sixth year at Carnahan HSOF. I love being a teacher at Carnahan HSOF and looking forward to being apart of the Carnahan family for the foreseeable future.  
    About me: Again my name is Mr.Beermann I have lived in South St.Louis all my life and I attended Bishop DuBourg highschool Class of 07. After highschool I spent two years at Meramec community college and once I figured out what career I wanted to pursue I transferred to Missouri State University where I graduated with a bachelors in Seconday Ed social science.
    Classes I Teach: 
    World History: This is a sophomore level history class. Inthis class we focus on the characteristics of a civilization/ why they form as well as various forms of government and the role they play. We cover Early humans all the way to present day. I incorporate alot of primary and secondary source materials in my classroom whether that be an article, DBQ (document base question) or any other critical thinking activity. My goal is to have students learn how to interact with primary and secodnary source documents and be able to analyze them and thus doing develop critical thinking and inference skills which will be invaluable to them in highschool and college.
    Personal Finance: This is another sophomore level classs whcih deals with money. In this class students will learn how to save, budget, avoid debt, know how to avoid credit ( or how to use it respobly if they so choose). For this class I uses the Dave Ramsey workbook and video curriculum. He provides a great perspective from someone who makes a living from instructing people how to be smart financialy. I use this curriclum as a starting point because after the video my stuents and I have class discussion over the finacial topic covered in the video. I feel its important to give students real world examples of what to do and not do with money so I share my personal experiences with them about money.
    Psychology/Sociology: This is a Senior level class. First semester is Psychology and the second semester of this course in Sociology. This class will prape students for their college psychology class they will take when the enter college. I treat this class as a senior class so the work is simialer to what they would expect at the college level.
    I am excited for another great year at Carnahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Cougars!