• Need tutoring?

    Metro offers many tutoring opportunities. Below is a summary. 

    All subjects: by appointment with teacher. Some teachers stay after on specific days, for example,

    Science: Ms. Weis stays after school on Mon & Tues. 

    Math: Dr. Paul Stohr, Tues & Wed 7:30-2:30 and

    Ms. Nancy Ellis, Tues & Wed 7:30-2:30 or after school by appointment

    English: Mr. Economon writing workshops…TBD

    Metro Mentoring: Upperclassmen tutor as needed (see Mr. Mayham) AND formal after school program once per month.

    Other opportunities will be announced as they occur.

    UMSL Bridges, InspireSTL, Upward Bound offer tutoring services for members.

    Study skills sessions for students who earn F on 1st progress report.

            Also, visit khanacademy.org for math and science help.

    Mr. Mayham or Ms. Brougham if you have any questions.