• Mr. Triplett teaches integrity one tie at a time

    1:49 p.m. CDT August 29, 2014

    At Gateway Elementary School in room 226, a 5th grade class starts their day a little differently.

    "I am a scholar of today," the students say in unison.

    It's not just a pledge, it's a promise because Mr. Triplett doesn't just teach math and science he teaches integrity and character...one tie at at time.

    "The ties come in actually two years ago when I had them in third grade. The concept was I know at the end of this school year they're going to walk away with the academic knowledge I need for them to have, but I have a whole classroom of young men and as a man myself there's some things other than academic knowledge they need to leave my classroom with and those things are life skills," says Jim Triplett.

    It's not mandatory.

    "I didn't wear one today," Terrance Simpson, one of the boys says.

    It's something these young man chose to wear for a reason.

    "It makes me feel like a scholar, a leader, a gentleman," Simpson adds.

    These aren't new faces for Mr. Triplett he's been with these gentlemen since third grade.

    "Actually looping means you move with your students. You keep your same set of individuals and you move to the next grade level," explains Dr. Rose Howard, Principal at Gateway Elementary.

    So he not only knows their personalities, he knows how they learn. He's also seen them grow up.

    "Just from year to year the growth I've seen academically. They're becoming more independent as the years go on," Triplett says.

    And with a room of only young men, his lesson plan is a bit different.

    "A lot of my lessons are geared towards things that boys like. Every now and then I'll throw in something about football or baseball and basketball and it clicks a little bit because it's relevant to them," Triplett adds.

    All of that adds up to a priceless experience for these 5th graders. Although the toughest lesson is probably yet to come.

    "I won't have them next year of course they're going to middle school. That's going to be the hard part," Triplett points out.

    Thankfully Mr. Triplett has made a lasting impression, one these young men will take with them wherever they go.

    "I have no doubt if they remember in the back of their head Mr. Triplett said do this, this is what I should do, then I think they'll be fine, Triplett says.

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