• The Little Bit Foundation Celebrates School Adoption with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    By Stacy Lupo | Posted: Thursday, September 04, 2014 05:14 PM

    ST. LOUIS, MO, September 4, 2014—The Little Bit Foundation has announced it will host a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate a grant by the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, which will support Little Bit’s boutique and other services for the 2014-15 school year at Peabody eMINTS Academy. The ceremony will take place at the school, located at 1224 S. 14th Street, on the morning of Tuesday, September 16, 2014 beginning at 9:30 a.m. 

    In addition to representatives from Peabody, Little Bit, Dana Brown Charitable Trust and U.S. Bank, trust officers, Little Bit expects St. Louis Public School (SLPS) and city officials to be in attendance. Following brief remarks and a ribbon cutting, volunteers from U.S. Bank will distribute backpacks filled with school supplies, donated by the bank, to every Peabody student. 

    “We are so grateful for this incredibly generous gift by the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, which will ensure our presence at Peabody and enable us to touch the lives of its nearly 300 students,” says Rosemary Hanley, Executive Director of The Little Bit Foundation, adding that Little Bit’s cost to serve one school for a school year ranges from $40,000 to $60,000. “We also wish to thank U.S. Bank for helping equip the students for the school year with new backpacks and supplies.” 

    Commenting on the decision to support Little Bit’s work at Peabody Academy, Dan Watt, Chairman of the Grant Making Committee of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, said “The Trust and U.S. Bank are honored to collaborate with The Little Bit Foundation in launching services at Peabody Academy. It is through these great partnerships that we are able to leverage our capabilities and serve the children of St. Louis.”

    Peabody is the 16th school in the St. Louis area to be adopted by Little Bit, which will enter its 17th, Woodland and Kenneth C. Hanrahan Elementary in the Jennings School District, this fall. Ranked among the top elementary schools in the SLPS system, Peabody serves Pre-K through 5th grade students in a redeveloped neighborhood just south of Downtown. Ninety-eight percent of students live at or below the poverty line.

    Little Bit’s mission at the school is to positively impact each student’s self-esteem and ability to focus in the classroom by addressing his or her most basic needs in a personal, caring manner. Within the privacy of the boutique (in an effort to preserve each child’s dignity), Little Bit volunteers work one-on-one with students each week to fit them with new shoes, coats and uniforms; provide backpacks with school supplies and hygiene kits with instruction; and deliver essentials such as socks, underwear and emergency food items. 

    Students also have opportunity to participate in Little Bit-hosted book fairs and, through Little Bit affiliations with local healthcare providers, receive general health screenings and eye exams. The result of these “wraparound” services, says Hanley, is what she and her staff call “the Little Bit transformation,” or a student population that is confident and ready to learn.


    About The Little Bit Foundation

    Founded in 2001, The Little Bit Foundation (www.thelittlebitfoundation.org) works to provide for the basic needs of disadvantaged children in the St. Louis area by partnering with local schools. The organization serves 5,000 students in 17 St. Louis area schools and. Its presence in the schools, working one-on-one with each child, combined with providing basic necessities, such as clothing, undergarments, shoes, coats, hygiene kits, emergency food items, health screenings and eyeglasses, creates a positive impact for personal growth, increases self-esteem and encourages a more focused, active learning environment. 

    About the Dana Brown Charitable Trust

    The Trust is a private, grant-making foundation established by Dana Brown to benefit disadvantaged children and further the causes of culture and zoology in the greater St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area.

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