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         Students at Woerner Elementary were treated to a very special visit by Newberry Award-winning author, Ingrid Law.   She is the author of “Savvy”,“ Scumble”, and “Switch”.  She spoke to the students about her book, “Savvy”, and what inspired her to become an author. She also shared some of her special words from her “author’s toolbox”.    After her presentation, she answered the student’s questions, and signed books. The visit was sponsored by the St. Louis Public Library, as part of its “Reading Pays--Pass it on”, Initiative.   Free copies of “Savvy” were provided to students in grades 3-6, at all library branches.

                                            pandas Learning about Pandas:  
                                      The Preschool class learned about the characteristics of  panda bears.
                                      Afterwards, they drew pictures of pandas, including a panda family!
                                  elephant Dr. Seuss Reading Event 2014 --Horton Hatches An Egg 
                          Chief Dennis Jenkerson from the St. Louis Fire Department reads to the students                                                                                          for "Dr. Seuss Day" in the Library, 
                                                   tree Dr. Seuss Reading Event 2013--Oh, the Places You'll Go 
                                         Ms. Katrina Pon reads to the students for "Dr. Seuss Day" in the Library,
                                                 flowers    Cards made by the Students
     Imagine my surprise and joy when I received cards from the students in  Mrs. Glaza's class!.    Thank you students!  I love  them!!!!
                                                   ducks    So why don't ducks get wet, Ms. Davis?
                  We learned the answer to this question and found out a lot of interesting facts about ducks.
    Our library was a-flutter with personalized butterflies which we made after learning lots of  interesting things about them! Some classes also created acrostics
                                                                       Spine "Poems"
    This was a different, but fun activity that we did during poetry month.