• School Nurse Receives Lifesaver Award
    Oct. 18, 2014 

    St. Louis - In 2011, the St. Louis Fire Department created a program to install automatic external defibrillators in public schools, and teach the faculty how to use them.

    That training came into effect on May 23, 2013. Faced with a life or death emergency, Compton Drew Middle School nurse Julia Woods revived her colleague, Jewel Washington.

    "She was unconscious when I got there. I didn't get a pulse or blood pressure, no breathing or anything like that," Woods said.

    Remembering the training she received from the St. Louis Fire Department, Woods started chest compressions and then used a defibrillator on Washington.

    "She just made a loud noise and her body kind of went up like that, then she just started thrashing around a little bit," Woods said. "By that time, the fire department had gotten there and they came in and said 'wow you just saved this ladies life.'"

    Woods received a life-saving award for her heroics. A reminder that proper training can make anyone a first responder.

    "We have very little time once someone's heart stops to be able to restart it and every individual can become a first responder by utilizing some of those AED's and basic CPR,"EMS Medical Director, Brian Froelke said.

    "The next day she called me from the hospital," Woods said. "I was shocked to hear from her. She said 'thank you so much for saving my life,' and I almost passed out."

    Woods says she wishes more people would learn CPR and defibrillator training.
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