• Hospitality

    Hospitality Student Goals

     For students to engage their interest in the many career opportunities available in the hospitality industry and analyze the responsibility for each profession.

    •Develop an understanding of the five segments of hospitality and define each primary station and the responsibilities within each operation.

    •To prepare students for the challenges faced by professionals in Hospitality Management including employee relations, basic balance/spreadsheets, costing, profit planning, tax, purchsing, forecasting, and net profit and lost.

    •Explore local and global trends that will have an impact on the hospitality industry as a whole and professions within it.

    •Demonstrate the enthusiasm and excitement that is part of the hospitality spirit and service.

    •Describe guidelines and procedures for effective food and beverage management.

    •Participate in both community volunteer networking and leadership programs though hospitality class work and Skills USA

    Professional Characteristics of a Hospitality Student

    Careers in the
    Hospitality Industry can be demanding and stressful at times. In order to successfully
    compete in the job market, students should possess the following qualities;


    Attention to detail

    Communication & interpersonal skills

    Computer navigation abilities

    Customer service orientation

    Good grooming

    Positive and friendly attitude


    Self confidence
     Certified Professional Food Handlers