• “Clyde C. Miller Career Academy Hospitality Graduates”
    Kanisha Hagans class of 2006 Graduated Northland College 2010
    Class of 2006  

    Ashley Betts class of 2007 Graduated Stevens Institute in Hospitality 2011 -

    Employed by Sheraton St. Louis

     Class of 2007

    Jazmyn Frager class of 2007, Graduated Mizzou with Honors 2011
    Class of 2007  
    Chelsey Young class of 2008 - Employed by Maggiano’s, for over five years
    Class of 2007

    Gina Jackson class of 2008 Valedictorian, Graduated Lindenwood University 2012

    Class of 2008


    Daisy Williams class of 2009, Graduated Sullivan University in Hospitality

    Class of 2009
    From:Shanitra Smith Class of 2009
    Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 9:44 PM
    To: mcinturff, marianela m.

    Subject: HEY TURFF
    Class of 2009
    Hello Turff, 
               I'm not sure if you remember me but I was in your pathway graduating class of 2009. My four years of college have almost reached an end and I just wanted to first say thank you for giving me such a great foundation as a student. You taught me so much preparing me for this college experience. We are all human and because of this I had to bump my head a couple of times along the way but I have truly learned and gained so much throughout my years of college. In December I will be a graduate of Lincoln University Missouri with a BS in Business Administration. I plan to attend graduate school for hotel/hospitality management. Because of you and how much I enjoyed learning and participating in hospitality I still have the dream of one day to own my own hotel. It is a big dream but I am going to push myself as far as I can to get as close as I can. I am not sure if I want to attend graduate school at home or out of town yet but either way I will be enrolled somewhere when the time comes. 
              It still almost seems unreal, time flys by so fast. I can remember my first day as a college freshman and pretty soon I will have the memory of overcoming this chapter of my life. Its a little weird to say because it still has not hit me yet that I will be out in the real world ready to start my career. I can honestly say though I am ready. I am ready for the journey, and still open to learning new things and gaining so much more knowledge. Turff you were a role model for not only me but the rest of my classmates as well. I have kept in touch with some of the rest of the students that where in class with me and majority of us have gone on to college and are pushing for success. I remember you being a little tough on us but now I see it was just because you wanted to see us succceed and prepare us for the real world. It's funny how back then we did not realize that how you where teaching us and what you where teaching us would be so beneficial in the long run. I can only speak for myself but I can say it hits hard when you finally understand. 
              Nothing is set in stone yet but as of right now it looks like I will be home for the summer. I hope I make it in on time to be able to stop by and say hello to you face to face and get one of those good Turff hugs. Enjoy the rest of your evening and I hope to hear from you soon. 
    Shanitra Smith 

    Nathaniel Gibson Jr. class of 2009, St. Louis Community College Forest Park in Hospitality - Employed by Butler's Pantry St. Louis, MO

    Class of 2009


    Nanette Ashford class of 2010, Agnes Scott College, Carl Lewis II class of 2010, Mizzou & AF

    Class of 2010


    Juel Cannon class of 2011, UMSL - Employed by Maggiano’s (was her internship also)

    Class of 2011  
    Teman Sneed class of 2012, Webster University - Employed by Maggiano’s (was his internship also)
    Class of 2012  T. Sneed & Miller Career Academy Asst. Principal Ms. Shead at Maggiano's 2015

    Kiana Bland & Brittany Allen class of 2013, St. Louis Community College Forest Park - Hospitality - Employed by The Westin Hotel (both of their senior internships were at the Westin)
     Class of 2013
    Raven Brand class of 2013, Sullivan University - Hospitality
    Class of 2013