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  • Here are some books that you can read or listen to online that I think many of you will enjoy. Check them out!

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    These resources are free, but you will need a library card to access them. You can get one online for free here.

  • The Trials of Apollo- The Hidden Oracle

    by Rick Riordon Year Published:

    Check it out here.

    If you liked Riordon's other series, Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus, you will love this series.

    Here are some resources to go along with it. 

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  • Esperanza Rising

    by Pam Munoz Ryan Year Published:

    Listen to it here.

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  • The Giver

    by Louis Lowry Year Published:

    You can read the book online here.

    My 5th period just finished reading this book, but I would highly recommend it for my other classes as well.  Keep in mind that this book is a dystopian fantasy and takes place in the future. If you decide to read this book, definitely read the book BEFORE watching the movie. 

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  • Anne Frank's Diary- Graphic Adaptation

    by Anne Frank and Ari Folman Year Published:

    Get on the wait list for the e-book here. 

    Most of my students know that I read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank this semester. Many students have checked copies out from me. Though I think this book is a masterpiece and incredibly important, I think it is difficult for middle schoolers to appreciate and understand due to lack of context (WWII isn't taught in depth until high school). I recently discovered this graphic novel version and was blown away. Rarely do I approve of graphic adaptations of books, but this version is an exception. It is beautifully done and adds so much to Anne's story. It is more approachable for middle grade students and is going to help them appreciate an incredibly important story and part of our history. I do recommend that parents read this along with their students and help fill in gaps in their background knowledge as you go. 

    Given that we are currently isolated in our homes under quarantine, that might bring new appreciation for this book, and also might bring new perspective to our current situation. 

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  • Butter

    by Erin Jade Lange Year Published:

    Rent the book online here.

    Warning: This book contains mature subject matters including suicide and bullying. 

    This has been an extremely popular book with my past students. I highly recommend it. 

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  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

    by Sherman Alexie Year Published:

    Borrow a copy here.

    Warning: Contains some mature subject matter.

    This is one of my favorite authors and this book is one of my favorite books. I think a lot of students would love this book. 

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  • Origami Activities for Children

    by Chiyo Araki Year Published:

    Read the e-book here.

    There's nothing like a great nonfiction how-to when you're stuck at home and bored. 

    Sooooo much extra credit for any student who makes me an origami cat. Just sayin'.

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  • Amulet Book #2

    by Kazu Kibuishi Year Published:

    Check it out here.

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