•  6th Grade English Language Arts

    Ms. Carrie Henderson
    Thursday 9:40 AM-10:40 AM


    6th Grade ELA

    Course Description: This year Compton-Drew’s 6th graders will work with an interactive curriculum, focusing on literature and grammar. This curriculum encompasses rigor, complex, and in-depth learning for all 6th grade students. The curriculum is divided into four units, one for each quarter. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday students focus on reading and comprehension; while Tuesday and Thursday are focuses on writing and grammar. The theme for our class is “I can use my voice to make a difference in myself, family community, country and world”. With the novels, students will navigate social justice issues influencing those around us and provide solutions to the issues. Students are not reading the traditional textbooks, but are being assigned novels that have been selected and approved as exemplary readings by the state of Missouri and Missouri standards.


    A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'engle

    Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Curtis

    Flush by Carl Hiaasen

    Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson




    ***The novels will be available for classroom use only. Students are welcome to visit their local library to check out a copy of the novel or to purchase their own copy of the book for personal use. Homework will be assigned from each novel.

    Grading Criteria: 

    Grades will be weighted in the following way:


    Classwork                                                        35%

    (In class assignments, do now, class notes and guided activities)

    Participation                                                   20%    

    (Exit slips and class discussion)

    Homework                                                      15%

    (Independent practice)

    Tests                                                                15%

    (Mid/End of Unit, benchmarks, quizzes)                                                                   

    Projects                                                           15%

    (Performance tasks)


    Grading Scale:

                                        100%--90%                  A

                                        89%--80%                    B

                                        79%—70%                   C

                                        69%--60%                    D

                                        59% and below            F


    Assignments: Assignments are written on the board/seen on the overhead projector and explained to students. Students may be assigned projects, but are given sufficient time to complete. Assignments that are accompanied by rubric must follow the guidelines. Students must remain on task and focused to complete in class assignments. In class assignments consist of do nows, exit slips, collaborative projects, independent reading, among other activities. 

    Interactive Notebooks: Each student is responsible to have a 2 pocket, 3 ring FOLDER to establish an interactive notebook for the class, or a one subject notebook. The notebook consists of assignments and activities students will complete throughout the unit. It is imperative students come to class daily with their notebook and complete the assignments in the time which they are assigned. At the end of each unit, there will be a performance task tied to extensive writing and research. In class assignments consists of do nows, exit slips, collaborative projects, independent reading, among other activities. 

    Exams/Tests/ Quizzes:

    Students will have quizzes, mid-unit, and end of the unit assessments. End of the unit assessments will cover the skills taught throughout the module. In addition to formative assessments, students will be assessed using district benchmarks (Acuity).  All assessments will include some, if not all, vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills, literary analysis, and writing conventions. All students are expected to achieve 80% mastery of the skills being assessed.


    Spelling Test/Quiz: Students will be focusing on making their vocabulary stronger. Each Monday students will be provided 10 spelling words. Students should expect to be quizzed on the vocabulary words, the beginning of the class that Friday.

    Article of the Week:  Part of the reason students struggle with reading is because they lack prior knowledge and background. They can decode the words, but the words remain meaningless without a foundation of knowledge.  To help build students’ activate prior knowledge, students will be assign an Article of the Week every Wednesday morning. It is expected that all students complete their article of the week package, prior to class the following Wednesday, to participate in whole group class discussion about the article’s topic.

    Socratic Seminar: In a Socratic Seminar activity, students help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a text through a group discussion format. Students are responsible for facilitating their group discussion around the ideas in the text. Through this type of discussion, students practice how to listen to one another, make meaning, and find common ground while participating in a conversation. Each class will participate in a Socratic seminar each Wednesday, to develop their oral skills.

    Late Assignments Policy

    Homework that is assigned during the week must be turned in on the assigned day. If the homework is not turned in on the assigned day, the student has until the Friday of the assigning week to turn in the assignment. Each day the assignment is late, the assignment will receive a 10% deduction from the grade. If the assignment is assigned over the weekend, students will have until the following Friday to turn in the assignment. No assignment will be accepted without a parent signature.

    Entering the room: All students are required to enter the classroom quietly and in an orderly fashion. Hoods, non-uniformed jacket, coats, or purses are not allowed in the classroom; sit in your assigned seat/ complete the Do Now from the board; work quietly and independently. follow the appropriate procedures for each time of day (e.g., morning, after lunch, after a special class). Constant reminders to put away non-uniformed clothing will result in detention.

    Leaving your seat: Unless otherwise instructed, students are expected to remain in their seat, during the class period. If you need to leave your seat (sharpen pencil, tissue, bathroom etc) you must raise your hand until the teacher sees you.

    Tardiness: If you are not in the classroom and in your assigned seat, you will be marked tardy. Excessive tardiness will result in a referral to detention or the office.

    Absences: It is your responsibility to make up any assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence. Follow this procedure:

    1. During the last 5 minutes of class, you may ask Ms. Henderson questions regarding the work you missed or to schedule time for assistance with the work.
    2. If you need to make-up or redo a test you must make arrangements with the teacher during the last 5 minutes of class or during lunch time.

     Homework: Students should expect to receive homework every week. It is the students’ responsibility for writing down the homework from the board. Students are responsible for writing down the homework from the board. The teacher will send reminders about homework and due dates via Remind or posts to the teacher’s website.

    Turning in Assignments: The teacher will collect homework, group-work, or individual work. You will turn these in only when the teacher asks for them. Make sure the assignment has the school heading at the top margin of the paper (example below). Do not place items on Ms. Henderson’s desk. Assignments that are required to be typed may be submitted to Ms. Henderson via email at carrie.henderson@slps.org.

    Carrie Henderson/Advisory-Period                                                                            Month ##, ####

    Title of the Assignment

    ***In the event, you do not have an assignment to turn in. You must grab a missing work slip from the folder located at the front of the classroom at the beginning of the class period. This must be completed and turned in place of your assignment.

    Taking out/putting away/caring for supplies: Students will have the opportunity to work in groups, throughout the school year. You should always share group supplies; if something belongs to another group, return it to them quietly. Students are required to maintain their area. Leave supplies neatly as you found them.

     Participating in group lessons: Throughout the school year, students will have multiply opportunities to work in groups. Please do not bring anything with you unless I ask you to. It is required for students to keep conversations on the class topic. Participation points will be taken off, for groups who have conversations outside of the classroom discussions.

    Getting Your Attention: When I need everyone to stop talking and pay attention to me: I will say “Ago” and the class should respond “Amay”. This procedure should take us no more than 10 seconds.  Whenever the class exceeds this time, the whole class (unless specific individuals) will owe me that same amount of time during lunch.

    Class Dismissal: Neither the bell nor the time dismisses the class. Once the instruction for the class stops, I will ask for you or your group to begin cleaning your area. Once the classroom is in order and everyone is sitting quietly in their assigned seat, I will dismiss the class. You are to get in a line, at the door, before instructed to  leave for the next core class.

    Lining up: Students will be called by groups to stand up quietly; push in your chair and take all necessary items. You should line up without touching others or talking; face the front of the line; watch where you are going.

    When You Finish Early: If you finish all of your assigned work early you may a) read independently b) work on an assignment for another class c) write. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.

    Restroom Policy: Please use your passing time wisely. Restrooms are to be utilized during your passing time.

    Cell Phones/ Electronic Devices: Cell phones are not permitted in the building per district policy. In the event that a cell phone is confiscated from a student, the cell phone will be given to administration and cannot be picked up until the following Friday (per the student handbook). IF I HEAR IT OR SEE IT, IT’S MINE.

    Organizing desk: Remove all loose papers; decide if they should go home or stay at school; put papers that should stay at school in the front pocket of your work notebook; put pencil or art supplies in the school box;pick up your trash.

    Classroom Expectations: Classroom Expectations are posted in the classroom and are expected to be followed on a daily basis.

    1. Respect Everyone (peers, parents, teachers etc)
    2. Listen quietly and follow directions.
    3. Come to class on time and prepared.
    4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  
    5. Bullying is prohibited!!(No teasing, name calling, fighting, threats or verbal abuse)


    1st time: Verbal Warning

    *2nd time: Student conference/Reflection/Phone call home

    **3rd time: Team conference with student

    4th time: Referral to office

    *may result in lunch detention

    **Parent will be asked to sit in the conference meeting.

    Freedom Fighter Bucks (Incentive): This year students have the opportunity of gaining ‘Freedom Fighter Bucks’, which are used to reward exemplar work/behavior in class. Students are rewarded based on their participation in class, attendance, overall behavior, and citizenship towards their peers. Every second and fourth Friday, students will be granted the opportunity to use their “Freedom Fights Bucks” for the ‘Freedom’ store. It is the responsibility of the student to hold on to their bucks, and ensure they are in a safe location.

    Written Assignments and Academic MisconductAll written work submitted must be the student’s original work and conform to the guidelines provided by the teacher. This means that any substantive ideas, phrases, sentences, and/or any published ideas must be properly referenced to avoid even the appearance of plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to know all relevant school policies concerning plagiarism. Any documented cases of plagiarism can and will result in a failing grade.