• What is "college and career ready?"
    College and career readiness means that a high school graduate has the necessary English and mathematics knowledge and skills—including, but not limited to, reading, writing, communications, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving—either to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing two- or four-year college courses without the need for remedial coursework, or in workforce  training programs for his/her chosen career that offer competitive, livable salaries above the poverty line, offer opportunities for career advancement, and are in a growing or sustainable industry.
    Missouri Career Education combines academics and occupational skill training to prepare students of all ages.  Training programs are offered in Agriculture, Business, Health Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Skilled Technical Sciences, Technology and Engineering, and Marketing and Cooperative Education. 

    In order our school to earn College and Career Readiness points students must earn the following scores on national assessments:



    Test Name

    Target Score Range


    22 or higher


    990 - 1180


    63 – 87


    Reading Compass score of 82, a  writing score of 70, and/or a Math Compass score of 66

    PLTW End of Course

    6 or higher


    Score Proficient (Passing Score Varies by Test)

    NOTE: The SLPS District requires all seniors to complete two of three assessments to participate in the commencement ceremony. Those assessments are:
                - Armed Service Vocation Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
                - American College Test (ACT)
                - College Placement Test (COMPASS)