• By: John Henry

    ST. LOUIS  -- St. Louis Public Schools has a lot to be happy about after some new state data came out Friday morning.

    The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released its Annual Performance Report, which shows what gains school districts have made in relation to state learning standards.

    According to the data, SLPS now qualifies for full accreditation for the first time since 2000.

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    "This is a unique day, a special day, a day that we want to recognize the St. Louis Public School system staff," said superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams.

    Dr. Adams said the school district made sure to keep a close eye on things like attendance and graduation data.

    Parents, like Leonard Stewart, said they were very happy with the results.

    "St. Louis Public Schools go above and beyond the call of duty to educate their children and our teachers are doing excellent work," he said.

    The state board of education has the final say on whether SLPS will be able to move from provisional accreditation to full accreditation.

    Dr. Adams said the school district made a formal request to the state for a change Thursday.