• Name: Zegge Bein
    Email: Zegge.bein@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 321
    Subject(s): HS Counseling
    Building Phone: 314 773-0027
     Counselor Message: 
     Senior Luncheon 2018--Video of pictures from the event
     To All Seniors parents/Guardians
    Good morning
    For those senior  Parents/Guardians who came and met with me to sign  the four year plan thank you and appreciated. For the parents/Guardians that did not make it to meet me during Parent/Teacher conference , please  call to make an appointment. I am here every day from 7-2 00 p.m. 
    thank you
    Zegge Bein, M.A.C.
    Professional School Counselor
    Mckinley C.L.A.