• July 6, 2016 6:48 AM 

    ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The process to transition St. Louis Public School governance from a state appointed board back to an elected board has begun. Representatives from the two boards will meet, for an undetermined amount of time, to figure out how this transition will work.

    Susan Jones, president of the elected board, wants to learn more about how things have worked for the past nine years, under the state board’s control.

    Jones has at least one goal in mind for these meetings, transparency.

    “And I do think that with our board sitting at the table that we will be able to achieve (transparency),” Jones says. “And of course the public and more importantly the citizens in the city of St. Louis will be able to once again have a voice in education.”

    The state appointed school board was put in place nine years ago due to a dysfunctional local board, low test scores and budget deficits. There’s no set timetable for the transition, but it’s expected to be at least a couple of years — the next meeting between the state board and elected board is tentatively August 16th.