• ST. LOUIS - NewsChannel 5 is following students heading back to school. On Wednesday, several districts had their first day, including St. Louis Public Schools.

    "I'm kind of excited and also kind of nervous," said Sean Schlecht, a freshman at Carnahan High School.

    There are around 25,000 students enrolled in the district. Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams says there is a lot for them to look forward to this year.  New curriculum on international business and finance is now available for Vashon High School freshmen, while freshmen at Sumner High School can now get curriculum centered around Africa.

    "It's really about looking at our schools that are not doing well academically and trying to refocus those schools with a different kind of theme," Adams said.

    Adams says every school now has full-time social workers and counselors.

    There are also some changes at Carnahan High School. Renee Racette says she has been with the school district for 12 years. Now, she's the principal and has some specific goals for the school.

    "We've got a robotics team, but I want to bring that a little bit more to life," Racette said. "I'm really excited to bring my passion around science and technology here to Carnahan."

    Under her watch, cell phones are no longer confiscated at the front door, and Superintendent Adams says Carnahan students will be getting electronic textbooks in January. He says there will also be a computer for every teacher district-wide. 

    "And we're looking to get that at all of our high schools over the next year or two."

    Meanwhile, some students have some goals of their own.

    "I'm looking forward to becoming senior president this year so we can do like a lot of fun activities and I also want to work closely with my freshman class because when I was a freshman, we didn't work a lot with our senior class," senior Darrell Allison said.

    The St. Louis Public School District has a hotline for parents to help answer any back-to-school questions or concerns.

    Parents can call 314-231-3720 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. every weekday through August 23.

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