• Posted 5:43 pm, March 17, 2017, by Bonita Cornute, Updated at 05:37PM, March 17, 2017

    ST.LOUIS (KTVI) – Eight years ago, St. Louis Public Schools lost its accreditation. This year it was restored. Working together with staff, parents and students, turned things around. The superintendent said the district's success was built upon "the love of learning.”

    Science projects a sure formula for promoting the love of learning. Students at Columbia Elementary find academic enrichment through these group projects. For years, test scores seemed a major gage for success, but according to Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams, the district was looking for other measures.

    “The testing piece, that’s old, everybody has to do that. But how will I get your child involved in a project that keeps him wanting to come to school and excited about coming to school, cause they're deeply involved with solving some problem,” Adams said.

    The loss of accreditation was a difficult blow, but with dedicated tireless effort, the district is fully accredited. And Focus St. Louis is paying attention.

    During the organization’s annual "What's Right with the Region Awards,” St. Louis Public Schools will receive the "Leadership Award."

    Adams said staff and the administrative board worked together to improve outcomes.

    “We have built this accomplishment, if you will, by looking at data and being intentional around the data and the data helping us make decisions that impact students,” Adams said.

    Adams said that data indicates where improvements are needed to raise attendance, graduation, teacher and student performance and parental involvement.

    "What's Right With The Region!" Awards will be presented May 11. The public is invited to witness the recognition of unsung leaders.