• Catering Procedures

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    ***Please note that effective August 7, 2023, there will be a price increase on our SLPS/SFE Catering Menu and the 801 Cafe. Updated menu pricing is available below for viewing.***

    Thank you for choosing Saint Louis Public Schools Catering Services. 

    Our Food and Nutrition Services Department offers a full range of catering expertise and knowledge. Our Catering Specialists are skilled in large-scale events such as business meetings, conferences, and receptions as well as small parties and coffee breaks. No matter what the event is, we will work closely with you to provide top-quality, professional services ensuring that your event is a success.  

    Although we have listed a variety of menu options, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We can customize a menu that is uniquely yours. A customized menu may incur additional costs. Our goal is to make your occasion a pleasurable experience. On behalf of the Saint Louis Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services Staff, we look forward to catering your special events this upcoming year.

    Booking An Event

    Please follow the catering guidelines below when placing an order. If you need additional information, contact Summer Askew, Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) Catering Services Coordinator in the Food and Nutrition Services Department at summer.askew@slps.org  (314) 331-6115 extension 76115.

    1. Email and/or contact Summer Askew, SFE Catering Services Coordinator in Food and Nutrition Services Department at Summer.Askew@slps.org  at (314) 331-6115 or extension 76115, to submit your catering request. Please copy Carolyn Penn, SFE General Manager of Food Services Carolyn.Penn@sfellc.org and Althea Albert-Santiago, Director of Food and Nutrition Services Department Althea.Albert-Santiago@slps.org on all catering requests. Catering requests must be submitted via email Monday-Friday by 4pm.  Next day catering orders will not be accepted.
    2. Complete the Saint Louis Public Schools Catering Request Form within SEVEN (7) days from the day of the event. All requests must be submitted via email to be considered valid.  A confirmation will be sent within 24 hours via email when a catering order has been received. THE MINIMUM AMOUNT REQUIREMENT TO RESERVE A CATERING IS $150.00. 
    3. Summer Askew will forward the following attachments within 24 hours after booking the event via email.  All three documents will be located at the lower left-hand corner of the attachment: Catering Request Form/ Order Confirmation Form/ Invoice Form

    4. Balances from prior caterings must be paid before any future caterings can be confirmed.

    5. It is the client’s responsibility to review all attachments.
    6. The client should contact Summer Askew at summer.askew@slps.org or 314-331-6115 ext. 76115 immediately, if there are any questions and/or concerns about your catering event.
    7. After the event, it is the client’s responsibility to complete all required forms for payment (i.e., Checklist for invoice payments and reimbursements, voucher certification forms, etc.  Payments should be sent to: SFE Catering Coordinator/Southwest Foodservice Excellence, LLC at SLPS Central Office located at 801 North 11th St. Saint Louis, MO 63101.  

    Enhance Your Event 

    Different serving styles are also available upon special request: wait staff, self-service, buffet service, or pick-up service. We will discuss the type of service you need when you place your order with the Catering Services Coordinator. The wait staff charge is $25 per hour.  

    We are unable to provide tablecloths or linen for events. 

    Please be aware, there may be a charge associated with any unreturned or damaged items at the conclusion of your event.

    Guarantees, Minimums and Deadlines

    A minimum of 7 days is required for all new catering orders. Any balance from previous caterings must be paid prior to scheduling new catering. No Exceptions.  


    5 days prior to the event, the customer must provide the catering office with an estimate of the total guest guarantee. Any additional guests will be charged individually.


    All cancellations must be emailed and submitted to Summer Askew at Summer.askew@slps.org, Carolyn Penn at Carolyn.Penn@sfellc.org, and Althea Albert-Santiago at Althea.Albert-Santiage@slps.org in the Food and Nutrition Services Department at least 48 hours prior to the event. All cancellations shorter than 48 hours prior to event will be charged full cost.

    Last-Minute Requests

    We cannot guarantee modifications for booked events, including increased customer counts or changes and adds to menu selections unless a 5-day notice is provided. 

    School Closings

    In the event of school closings, the catering function will be considered void unless other arrangements are made. All pre-established prices in the catering guide will reflect the food, labor, paper products and overhead. They do not cover rentals or decorating fees.

    For additional information and menus, please consult our Catering Guide