• 801 CAFÉ


    Deciding where to eat lunch can be a hassle. To help ease that decision, the Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) Department is extending an invite to all SLPS staff to come enjoy a hot breakfast and lunch in the 801 Café.  

    The 801 Café is a great place to spend time to eat breakfast and lunch, as well as to enjoy great conversations with a co-workers and friends. The FNS staff believes that the 801 Café is a convenient place for all employees to enjoy a hot delicious meal along with some Grab N’ Go Options and some sweet treats.  

    We also believe that employee satisfaction is number one.


    The 801 Café is convenient. Sometimes employees do not have time to grab a hot breakfast meal on their way into work. The hot breakfast meal is offered every Tuesday and Thursday to start your day.

    The Food and Nutrition Services Department will continue to serve a hot breakfast menu on Tuesday and Thursday. The new Breakfast times are 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The menu features freshly made golden pancakes, Belgium waffles and French toast. A customer can also have made-to-order eggs with buttered toast and a cup of coffee or a bottle of juice. Assorted breakfast meats: turkey sausage patties and crisp bacon slices are offered as well.

    For the employee on the go; the 801 Café features a Grab N’ Go menu. This menu features bagels, muffins and assorted donuts. There are also yogurt and fruit parfaits, hot and cold cereals and assorted fruit juices.

    If an employee has forgotten to prepare their lunch; the 801 Café offers a hot and cold lunch menu. Lunch starts at 11 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. On the lunch menu, we feature assorted sandwiches and hot soups along with daily hot specials, such as the popular stir fry with noodles or rice. For employees that like vegetarian options, our staff offers a black bean burger in addition to our daily salad bar.

    Daily Soup Options

    Please come in and enjoy our daily soup specials. We are featuring the following delicious soup choices daily: 

    All Soups $3.60 plus tax

    • Monday:  * French Onion Soup  &  Chicken Gumbo
    • Tuesday:  * Three Bean and Mushroom &  Chicken Pot Pie
    • Wednesday: Cabbage N' Potato  &  Broccoli Cheddar
    • Thursday:  Chili  &  Cajun Chicken with Rice
    • Friday: Soup Du Jour

    *Vegetarian Options

    Healthy Menu Options

    The FNS Department also understands the need to offer healthy food options. Please come in to enjoy the salad bar, turkey burgers, assorted fresh fruit cups, along with the yogurt and fruit parfaits, which are offered daily.

    Reasonable Prices

    The 801 Café offers food options that are affordably priced.  We accept cash and credit cards and gift certificates are now available. For additional information please consult our 801 Café menu or our 801 Soup menu.