Doing research

IA Projects and Required IB Practicals

  • 8 Required IB Practicals:

    2.1 Determining the acceleration of free-fall experimentally (Completed year 1 Acceleration on an incline)

    3.1 Applying the calorimetric techniques of specific heat or specific latent heat experimentally (Completed year 1 Calorimetry for specific heat and latent heat )

    3.2 Investigating at least one gas law experimentally (done as a mock IA project in pairs for practice) 

    IB 3.2 Lab Agenda Sep 11 - Methods exploration IB 3.2 Lab Agenda Sept 13  - Expt Design and collect data (day 1)  IB 3.2 Lab Agenda Sept 18 - Collect data (day 2) and IA paper info    IB 3.s Lab Agenda Sept 20 - data analysis and writing 

    4.2 Investigating the speed of sound experimentally (Speed of Sound Lab  IB 4.2 Lab Agenda Oct 23)

    4.4 Determining refractive index experimentally (Index of Refraction Lab  IB 4.4 Lab Agenda Oct 16)

    5.2 Investigating one or more of the factors that affect resistance experimentally (IB 5.2 R Factors Lab  IB 5.2 Agenda Jan 15)       

    5.3 Determining internal resistance experimentally (IB 5.3 Internal r Lab  IB 5.3 Agenda Jan 17)

    7.1 Investigating half-life experimentally (or by simulation) (Investigating half- life activities IB 7.1 Lab Agenda Mar 13)