Green BEAN Delivery- AT WORK

    Saint Louis Public Schools Wellness and Green BEAN Delivery are continuing the partnership to bring healthy fruit to SLPS employees during the work day in 2019. A few times each year, Green BEAN brings fruit to each of the 71 SLPS locations for employees to have a healthy snack. By doing this, we hope to get SLPS employees thinking about the snacks they have during the day and to try out some new fruits they may not normally try!


    Green BEAN Delivery- AT HOME

    SLPS Wellness has also partnered with Green BEAN to bring SLPS employees a discount on home orders! If you SIGN UP HERE, you will get 20% off your first 3 orders! Not only do they offer fruit, they have most of your grocery list items, delivered straight to your door! You can choose the orders and the weeks you want items delivered!