• Welcome to the final quarter of the 2019–2020 school year. Scholars are in LEARNING MODE and on the way to concluding a FANTASTIC School year!!! As we enter Spring Break your scholar has a packet that will help them to keep their Math skills SHARP!!! 

    Our 5th–8th grade scholars are departmentalized this year, so please check in with Mrs. Moore for ELA and Mr. Conley for Science & Social Studies information. The math assignments are as follows.

    Daily Rotation Schedule

    5th/6th Grade – Room #119 (Williams' Winners)

    Meeting Time: 9:00AM – 10:55AM

    Meeting Days: Monday – Friday

    Period – 1st 

    website: www.bigideasmath.com

    Students have personalized usernames for thie site, however, our class universal password is Pljca!!9

    Meeting Time:
    11:00AM – 12:45PM
    5th Grade – Room #117 (Conley's Clan)

    Meeting Days: Monday – Friday

    Period – 2nd 

    website: www.pearsonrealize.com

    Students have personalized usernames for this site, however, our class universal password is pljca!!7


    7th/8th GradeRoom #120 (Moore's Mighty)

    Meeting Time: 1:15PM – 2:35PM

    Meeting Days: Monday – Friday

    Period – 3rd

    website: www.bigideasmath.com

    Students have personalized usernames for thie site, however, our class universal password is pljca!!9 or Pljca!20


    Late Assignments Policy: Homework that is assigned during the week must be turned in on the assigned day. If the homework is not turned in on the assigned day, the student has until the Friday of the assigning week to turn in the assignment. Each day the assignment is late, the assignment will receive a 10% deduction from the grade. If the assignment is assigned over the weekend, students will have until the following Friday to turn in the assignment. If a homework assignment is not turned in by the Friday of the assigning week it will not be accepted and will receive a grade of zero. Classwork is due at the end of the class period it is assigned. No exceptions. If an in-class assignment is not completed in class, students will receive partial credit for the portion that’s completed.

    Exams/Tests/Quizzes: Students will be assessed frequently on the material covered in class. Students will use class notes taken daily as a study guide. All questions on tests and quizzes will resemble examples from class notes. Students will be informed on what section of their notes they should study for tests. Students should expect quizzes weekly and tests every 2-3 weeks.  Students will not always receive notice before quizzes, but will receive one week notice before tests. Students will not be allowed to use notes on tests and quizzes.

    Grading Criteria:  Grades will be based on the combination of class work (35%), class participation (20%), homework (15%), tests/quizzes (15%), and projects (15%).

    A   90% - 100%

    B   80% - 89%

    C   70% - 79%

    D   60% - 69%

    F     0% - 59%

    Course Requirements:

    • Students are expected to attend class daily and participate. 
    • Students are expected to come to class prepared each day. 
    • Student supplies for class are a 2” 3-ring binder, a 3-hole folder for returned work, a 2-3 sharpened pencils, loose leaf paper, a spiral notebook for math notes only, and the school planner for listing homework.  The Big Ideas Math Blue Edition Larson/Boswell textbook may be used in class or at home for reference and homework. 

    Attendance Policy: All students are expected to attend school daily and to be on time to school and classes as outlined in the PLJCA's Handbook. If an emergency occurs, please call the school to let us know that the student will not be present.  It is the students’ responsibility to get the work they’ve missed.

    Homework Policy: Students should expect to complete homework daily.  Homework will be collected and checked on day required.

    Make-Up Work Policy: Students who have excused or verified absences will be allowed to make up any work assigned during their absence. For each day of excused absence, a student will be given one (1) full school day to make up the work he/she has missed. After due date, work will be considered late (refer to the late policy). If classes are missed due to a schedule change, field trips, suspension, etc. the student is expected to get his/her assignments and complete them for the next class period.


    Classroom Routines & Procedures

    Entering the Classroom

    1. Enter the classroom quietly and in uniform. Raise hand in order to receive needed supplies.
    2. Take your assigned
    3. Complete the Do Now from the board on paper handed to you by teacher.
    4. Work quietly and independently.

    Leaving your seat:  If you need to leave your seat (tissue, pencil exchange, etc.) you must raise your hand for permission. The teacher will give you permission to leave your seat.

    Tardiness:  You are late to class if you are not in line with the class when the class walks into the room. Students who arrive late to will be marked tardy and may lose points on his/her do now. Excessive tardiness will result in a referral to the office.

    Absences:  It is your responsibility to make up any assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence. Follow this procedure:

    1. Check the “While You Were Out” folders for the assignments you missed during the week during the first or last 5 minutes of class. You may also check the website.
    2. During lunch, you may schedule to meet with and ask Ms. Davis questions regarding the work you missed or to schedule time for assistance with the work.
    3. If you need to make-up or redo a test, you must make arrangements to take it during lunch time no more than three school days after the test was given.

    Homework:  Students are responsible for writing down the homework from the board.

    Turning in Assignments:  The teacher will collect certain group-work, or individual work. You will turn these in only when the teacher asks for them. Do not place items on the Ms. Williams’ desk. Exit slips and homework need to be turned into the proper bins for grading. Make sure the assignment has the school heading at the top margin of the paper along with the date on the right side of the paper.


                          Name/Advisory-section number:                                                                Date:

    Getting Your Attention:  When I need everyone to stop talking and pay attention to me, I will use attention an signal (2 - fingers or If you hear my voice clap once...)

    Class Dismissal:  Neither the bell nor the time dismisses the class. Once the instruction for the class stops, I will ask for you or your group to begin cleaning your area. Once the classroom is in order and everyone is sitting quietly in their assigned seat, I will dismiss the class.

    When You Finish Early:  If you finish all of your assigned work early you may a) go to Freckle or Prodigy on the iPad or b) work on a on-going project BUT DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.

    Restroom Policy:  Restrooms breaks are at breakfast, during Related Arts, and during lunch. Students may not leave the room unless it's an emergency.

    Cell Phones/ Electronic Devices:  Cell phones are not permitted in the building per district policy. If you happen to have a cell phone, it must remain out of sight during instruction. In the event that a cell phone is seen or heard, the cell phone will be given to administration and will only be returned to the student on the Friday after it is confiscated after 1:30pm. 

    Classroom Rules:  Classroom Rules are posted in the classroom and are expected to be followed on a daily basis.

    1. Be on time.
    2. Be prepared to participate.
    3. Raise your hand to speak.
    4. Be respectful to self, peers, and adults.
    5. Follow directions the first time they are given.


    • 1st time: Warning
    • 2nd time: Student conference/Reflection/Phone call home
    • 3rd time: Team conference with student
    • 4th time: Conference with administration
    • 5th time: Referral to office
Last Modified on April 10, 2020