• Passion Project Resources

    Please either fill forms digitally and return to my email (Cassandra.Boeckman@slps.org) or print and submit in class.

    Step 1: Brainstorm (10 points due Monday 4/16)

    Step 2: Passion Project Proposal (18 points due Wednesday 4/18)

    Step 3: Research Logs are required for each source you get information from (5 points each--total 20 points due Wedneday 4/25)

    You are required to find and use at least 4 sources submitted with a research log

    Research Guide

    Online Research Database

    Step 4: Product Creation (final project due for exhibition on Wednesday 4/9) 

    Please be creative with the final product that you create. You may choose to create a tangible product that can sit alongside a guide or poster that you make, create a website that presents your information, mke a video that explains what you learned, or write a report or essay about your findings. It is up to you to decide what you want to produce to demonstrate your answer to your Essential Question.

    Weekly Blog Post: (20 points each--total 80 points due by Friday of each week April 20-May 11)


    Passion Projects 2018 (Betterman)
    Welcome to the Passion Project Blog for 2018! Here is where you will design your blog to document your journey to resolving your Passion Project Essential Question.
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