• Daniel Walls

    6th Grade Integrative Science

    Comtpon Drew ILC

    Room #: 301

    Contact Information:


    -School Phone: (314) 652-9282




    Online/Distance Learning Update:

    I hope everyone is being safe.  I would just like to update you on our current actions Plan during these trying times.  We have decided that we are going to continue to support social distance learning using the online application/website Microsoft Teams starting Monday April 6, 2020.  Continued social distance learning for science will also be conducted online using the HMH platform.  I will be posting links below for both of these sights where our students can login.  If you have not recieved your login information for Microsoft Teams, please contact me or antoher memeber of the sixth grade team for this information.  I will also be posting PDF versions of the workbook so that those who do not have access to continue work on the computer may have a print version of the material.  Print materials will be available at meal distribution centers.  For a list of meal distribution centers please visit the COVID-19 update page. 

    Stay Safe,

    Mr. Walls


    HMH Login Information


    Username: Your user name is in all caps with your first name followed by a period then your last name with at the end of the user name.  For example someone named John Smith would have the user name  

    Password: Your password for logging onto your HMH learning account will be the same password as your email and microsoft teams.

    Microsft Teams