• School Parent and Family Engagement Policy


    Strategies for Involvement

    • Parents will be informed on the school's annual performance, school-wide Title I Plan, curriculum, assessments used to measure student's progress, grade-level, academic and behavioral expectations of students. 
    • Parents will be educated on all aspects of Title I and its programs, procedures, and involvement policies, school choice options, parent contacts, parent right to know, bylaws and complaints resolution procedures via meeting and skills training.
    • The School Parent Compact and School Parent and Family Engagement Policy will be submitted to parents by the Title I Family and Community Specialist at the beginning of the year.
    • The Parent Group will send out a monthly newsletter to provide information about up-and-coming events in the school and district-wide events. Written by staff, students, and parents it promises to be another communication avenue for Dewey International Studies Elementary School. This newsletter will also be posted on the school’s website. 
    • Contact log will be maintained on a daily basis. 
    • See Year-At-A-Glance Calendar.
    • At annual Title I Informational meeting will be held August 2021 and 2022 at Dewey International Studies Elementary School.
    • Parents will be informed of all out of school meetings, i.e., Parent Action Council (PAC), Annual Title I conferences (local and national), and School Board Meetings as dates become available. 
    • Responses to questions, concerns, or suggestions made by parents will be given in a professional and timely manner.
    • Student performed programs will be scheduled for family fun and entertainment, i.e., concerts, plays and variety shows. 


    Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement 

    • Progress reports and report cards will be given to parents as prescribed by the district, to help parents be informed of their children's progress. 
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at the end of the first and third quarters. 
    • Weekly academic reports are sent by the Dewey Staff.
    • All communication between home and school will be an ongoing process with parents, students and Dewey Staff. 
    • Parents are responsible for supporting their child's learning process by monitoring their child's behavior, TV viewing, positive use of extracurricular activities, attendance, and completion of homework. Parents are asked to show support and take an interest in their child's hobbies, extracurricular activities, academic success and positive peer's interactions.
    • Parents are also responsible for working with the school to ensure successful progress in their child's elementary school experience.
    • In the event parents need social support, Dewey has a part time social worker on staff that will supply them with the need they may have (within a limited scope). If Dewey cannot provide the proper needs, we will direct them to the appropriate facility or agency.
    • A School-Parent-Compact will be made and given to parents to inform of expected behavior, parent involvement and Dewey's goals to meet student needs.
    • Teachers, administrators and support staff will conduct parent conferences, phone calls home and home visits to ensure communication between home and school is an ongoing process. Calls will be made for disciplinary actions and good behavior.
    • Parents will be invited to student achievement and parent programs conducted for recognition of positive behavior, perfect attendance, honor roll and parent volunteer support.
    • The school, Family and Community Specialist, classroom teachers, and social worker will make attendance calls home regarding absent children. If a student has been absent for a consecutive number of days, the social worker will be informed, and he/she will take measures to inquire about the student’s whereabouts.
    • High quality instruction, curriculum and safety will be provided for all students in an effective and supportive learning environment.
    • Students will be taught about the importance of exercise, healthy nutrition and staying drug free with fun educational programs.
    • Techers will be familiar with the latest teaching techniques and curriculums.
    • Staff will have monthly professional development on the new developments and to brainstorm new ideas.

    Expanding Opportunities for Parent Involvement

    • All comments, questions, concerns, and complaints will be heard, respected, answered, and addressed.
    • Dewey will inform parents about available parent training courses, workshops, conferences and programs (local and national).
    • Parents will be invited to chaperone filed trips.
    • Parents will be invited to serve on the Annual Review and Revision Committee.
    • Parents will be encouraged to become school volunteers.