Virtual library orientation.


    Welcome To Metro's Library Page!  

    Students and parents are able to search Metro's library from home and/or a mobile app!


    This brings you to the Metro catalog page!   The login button is in the upper right hand corner. 
    Login information is:  User Name - Your Student ID Number
                                    Password - follett
    You do not have to log in to search.  If you want to access an eBook, create a collection or any other interactive activity it is necessary to log in.

    1.  Library Search
    You can do a Basic Search, Power Search, or Visual Search.  These tabs are located in the upper right corner of the catalog section.
    Having problems with your search?  The help option is located above these tabs - How can I..... ? 
    More options for your search are located in the Narrow your search to....... section.
    2.  Go to Destiny Discover in the menu on the left to view all available resources such as eBooks, links, interactive books and other popular titles.  To view the eBooks click on open, you may download the book or read online.  
    Some eBooks have been purchased from Mackin Book Company and the generic log in info for those eBooks is as follows:  
    User ID: metro
    Password:  metro
    For more resources go to Mackin Via sign in with Metro A&C High School 
    User ID - metro
    Password - metro
    A mobile App phone is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, free!!    
    Download the Destiny Discover App for free!
    The app allows you to have remote access to Destiny Discover to:
    • Browse the catalog.
    • Download eBooks (you must log in to download)
    • See the "New Arrivals" in the library.
    • Create a collection.
    • Create a list of titles you are interested in by using "My List".
    • View the "Top Ten" most popular titles.
    Start searching your library resources today!