• How can I apply? 

    Complete an online application at slpsmagnetschools.org/apply/Be sure to select Collegiate as one of your school choices to ensure your application appears in our database. 

    When should I apply?

    There are two application windows, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances are. The first window (Pool A)  opens October 1st, and ends November 21st. We receive more applications than we have spots to fill, so it's important to get your application in as soon as possible so we have time to review your admission file and make our decision. 

    Can I visit the school before I apply?

    We always encourage students and families to come and experience the school and community before making your decision to pursue admission. Each year we host open house events for our prospective families to visit and get a feel for who we are as a school community. The open houses are typically held in the beginnig of October, so check back as we finalize dates for our upcoming informational events. 2019 Open House is October 1.

    Interested students in 7th and 8th grade can also schedule a day to come and shadow a current student at Collegiate. During their shadow day they will be paired with a student ambassador to attend classes at the school and experience the school culture firsthand.

    How can I schedule a shadow date? What do I need to know?

    Interested 8th graders should plan on shadowing in the Fall Semester prior to 9th grade year, and 7th graders should plan on shadowing in the Spring Semester before their 8th grade year. Shadowing is a half-day event, starting either in the morning at 8 a.m., and ending after lunch at 11:30 p.m. During their half day, they will attend two classes with their Collegiate ambassador, and eat lunch with the Collegiate ambassadors and other shadow students. We provide lunch and Collegiate-branded items for students to keep. 

    To schedule a date for your 7th or 8th grader to shadow, click here to view our available dates and sign up to attend a shadow experience. If you have any additional questions, please call the main office  at 314-696-2290.

    What criteria are considered for admission?

    The admissions committee reviews academic records from students' 6th, 7th, and beginning of 8th grade years. We also look at standardized test scores, attendance records, and discipline reports from applicants' middle school years. Also required from applicants are an essay about why they want to attend Collegiate and two letters of recommendation from teachers or community members. All of the pieces are considered to determine if an applicant would be a good fit for the school.

    If the committee deems that the applicant could potentially be a Collegiate Owl, a follow-up interview is scheduled with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s), and a member of our admissions committee. This gives the school a better feel for the student, and also gives the student/family a better feel for the school and what is expected of our students.

    How long should my essay be, what should it be about, and who do I send it to?

    We ask that all our interested applicants complete an essay on why they want to attend Collegiate, and why they believe they would be a good fit for our school. The essay should be about a page in length, and be reviewed for spelling and grammatical errors before submission.

    Applicants can either enter their essay into the online application when they apply, or they can be emailed to our office administrator, Claudia Walley, at claudia.walley@slps.org.

    Who can write a recommendation for me?

     Recommendations for students should be completed by teachers, counselors, or administrators at the student's school. They can also be completed by community or church leaders that the students are familiar with. The recommendations can either be in a letter format, or they can use the recommendation form we have provided below.

    Recommendation form

    Applicants should submit no less than two recommendations, that can be emailed to our office administrator, Claudia Walley, at claudia.walley@slps.org, or mailed to the school at 1547 S. Theresa Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104, to be included in your admissions file.

    What happens after I submit the application?

    After you submit the online application, and we've received all school records, the essay, and recommendations for the applicant, or admissions' committee looks through every applicants' file to determine their eligibilty. If the student is considered provisionally eligible, an interview will be scheduled with the student and family to get a better feel for the applicant, and determine if they are fully eligible to be a Collegiate Owl.

    When will the school contact me?

    During the application process, the school may contact you for a number of reasons. Some common reasons are; we are missing pieces of a student's application, we are unable to obtain school records from students current school, or we need to set up an admissions interview. Outside of these reasons, we will not contact directly, and all communication will be directed through the online application.

    If you have a question about the admissions process or your application, you can reach out to the following persons for assistance:

    Claudia Walley (office administrator), email: claudia.walley@slps.org, phone: 314-696-2290

    What can I expect from the interview?

    The admissions interview gives us a chance to ask applicants and their families more about themselves so we can get a more well-rounded view of our applicants before determining their eligibility. The format of the interview begins first by meeting with your admissions committee interviewer. All interviews are completed with either our principal, Mr. Steele, our assistant principal, Ms. Rougeau, or our Freshmen Dean, Ms. Mackey. You will be informed of who you will be interviewing prior to your appointment, but please be aware that it may change due to unforseen scheduling issues or emergencies.

    The first-half of the interview will be a one-on-one with the student applicant and the interviewer. This will be a time for the interviewer to ask questions about him or herself, and learn more about the student's interests and goals. The second-half of the interview will be a time for the family of the student to meet with the interviewer to talk about their student and bring up any questions about the school or expectations.

    To prepare for the interview, we encourage students and their families to start thinking about the reasons they want to be a part of the Collegiate family, what their goals are academically and personally, and to think about experiences that have shaped them thus far.

    Please have students dress nicely for the interview, and arrive on time. Let us know well in advance if you cannot make your scheduled interview appointment time, so we can reschedule.

    Why is my application still pending?

    Applications can remain pending for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that we have not yet received all the records from the middle school the student attends. If this is the case, it helps if the family also reaches out to their school to remind them to send the necessary records. Alternatively, if parents/guardians have access to these records they can be emailed, mailed, or dropped off at Collegiate at any time. Remember, we also require an essay and two recommendations, so if those are not completed, it may also deem the application unable to be processed

    Applications may also remain as "pending" status if we're waiting on an interview to be scheduled or completed, or if the admissions committee has not yet made a decision on the applicant. Please stay up-to-date with the status of your application by checking the online application or reviewing notice emails sent from the school or the application system. Again, it is important to have a valid email address listed in the application, so we can contact you regarding your status.

    Who decides if I'm accepted or not?

     Our admissions team is comprised of the following school administrators. Every member of the committee looks at every application to determine eligibility

    Mr. Frederick Steele - School Principal

    Ms. Angelia Rougeau - School Assistant Principal

    Ms. Monica Nickolai - College Counselor

    Ms. LaShonda Mackey - Dean of Freshmen

    Ms. Caitlin Boskamp - School Counselor

    How will I know if I'm accepted or not?

    After your interview, and at the completion of the SLPS magnet application window, you will receive an email from the application system letting you know your status with the school. "Placement Eligible" status means that you are eligible to attend Collegiate, if you choose to accept your seat. "Lottery Ineligible" status means that you are not an eligible candidate based on your district of residence. "Placement Ineligible" means that you are not eligible on the basis of academic, attendance, or disciplinary reasons. "Placement Eligibility Pending" means your application is still in review, see the question regarding pending applications for more guidance.

    If you do not receive an email, please make sure that you have entered a valid email address into the online application, as all communication regarding applications will be distributed via email.

    Have a question that wasn't answered? Please fill out our information request form to be put in contact with a member of our admissions team. Linked below:

    Information Request Form